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Dec 19, 2019

Block renaming

A one-click hotkey for renaming a block would be very helpful. Many programmers have told me that they would label every block in the signal path if it didn't take so long.

I've gotten pretty quick with the "Select, <F2>, Control <V>" bit, but a hotkey for this would make things easier.
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Oct 6, 2008

Re: Block renaming

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the suggestion. If possible could you just clarify what you mean by 'hot-key' a little. I would already consider <F2> to be a hot-key since it shortcuts the menu selection, and presumably you'll always need to select which module your are renaming, and if pasting the same text you would need <Ctrl-V>, so it's not clear which step you would save.

Other possibilities I have thought of would be to have copy/paste label function, where you could paste a common label to multiple modules with a single action, or to enter a labelling mode and then any module you click on goes into label edit, but i would be interested to hear more about your idea.

Best regards