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Nov 29, 2018

Buzz in system

I'm using an 880 with a cc16 and some mapping to control audio in 3 zones.  After some time one zone gets a buzz that sounds like overdriving but isn't.  The volume level does nothing to correct it.  I've switched amps line in line out ports and narrowed it down to the 880s program.  If I reload the program enough times I can usually get it to go away.  But after a week or two it will return.  any ideas?


Bose Employee
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Jun 17, 2016

Re: Buzz in system

Hi Bill,

This type of issue, in theory, could be caused by a corrupt file. Though, for the buzzing to go away after re-loading a design file multiple times, it would seem to be more of a hardware failure. It might be best to contact us to set up an exchange. (US Pro Support 800-994-2673).

However, if you'd like to try a few things in advance, here's what I'd recommend:

Send a blank file to the hardware (new file-> scan for hardware -> go online and 'send' the blank file to the ESP880/CC-16.). Then open the current design file, go online, and send the project back to the devices again. 

In some cases, this will fix a potentially corrupt file. 

I would also recommend determining if the issue follows the zone in the design, or the actual output on the ESP880. (by re-routing the output to another output, and switching the wires) 

Thank you,