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May 19, 2020

CSP-428 + CC-2D+AVM-1 + Mic How it works?

Hello everyone, I have CSp-428 + CC-2D + AVM-1

AVM-1 connected to in3 csp428
The customer wants to connect a microphone to the in4 input of the CSP428 processor.

Will this input work with a simple dynamic microphone like the Apart MICPAT-D?
Can I set the priority of this login to 4 in the web interface? to have the microphone interrupt music playback.
And what volume from the connected microphone to in4 will be at the output if AVM-
1 turned down the overall volume? How will it work? Will there be a whisper or can I set the required volume?
So how will the CC-2D volume control affect this? can the paging microphone be given priority over the CC-2D control?
When will the web interface of the processor appear online or will there be a manual in the near future?

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Oct 27, 2017

Re: CSP-428 + CC-2D+AVM-1 + Mic How it works?

Duplicate of this post