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Oct 27, 2017

CSP Configuration Utility Software v1.0.3

This release of CSP firmware includes support for the following:

DesignMax Loudspeakers

  1. Support for DesignMax loudspeakers: DM2C-LP, DM2S, DM3C, DM3SE, DM5C, DM5SE, DM6C, DM6SE, DM8C, DM8SE, DM8C-Sub, DM10S-Sub.

  2. Support for SmartBass for DesignMax loudspeakers which expands performance and response at any listening level.

Resolved Issues:

  1. High-Z modes were using Low-Z limiter values which resulted in low signal levels.

This release of CSP firmware can be downloaded from PRO.BOSE.COM