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Mar 19, 2014

CSP FW v1.0 & Release Notes


The Commercial Sound Processor (CSP) configuration utility is an intuitive browser-based User Interface for setting up the Bose CSP-428 and CSP-1248.  The CSP Configuration Utility provides a quick-setup workflow and presents common tasks in a logical manner, so the user can configure the system faster, reducing installation time while increasing setup accuracy.

Attached to this post is a zip file containing the v1.0 firmware.

Supported Web Browsers:


Minimum Version Required





Internet Explorer





Known Issues, Defects and Limitations

The following are the known issues and defects with this release. Information included here can be useful when troubleshooting issues with software or hardware operation.

General Issues

  1. If you have previously calibrated AutoVolume for a listening area and then choose to recalibrate, the previous calibration is not removed until Step 3 of the calibration process is reached.
  2. The SpeakerEQ graph (under Configuration à Outputs) will not display BW36/BW48 for pre-defined speakers but these filters are being applied to the audio.
  3. Backtracking in Quick Setup Wizard Output configuration can cause channels to not show up as assignable. Workaround is to exit and restart the Quick Setup Wizard.
  4. The initial DynamicEQ calibration level can be much louder than expected (0dB). It is recommended that users manually enter -32dB into the initial calibration screen prior to making adjustments.  Alternatively, the user can simply refresh their browser immediately prior to calibrating Dynamic EQ.
  5. AutoVolume metering does not display if AutoVolume is turned ON by CSR or Scheduled Event. Refreshing the browser after AutoVolume is turned ON will have the AutoVolume metering begin to display.
  6. The Dashboard View does not currently automatically refresh to reflect changes made (i.e. source change). The user must be refresh the browser for the Dashboard to fully reflect current settings.


Discovery Tool

  1. If PC being used to configure the CSPs has a dual NIC setup where user is on WiFi and using a Link Local direct connection, the Discovery Tool will be unable to identify the IP address of the CSP.


Browser Specific Issues

  1. In Microsoft Edge while running the Quick Setup Wizard some options (Stereo, Phantom) may not show as available when configuring inputs. Advancing the wizard past the current Input and then pressing Back will show the Stereo and Phantom selections.
  2. If a web browser has already connected to a CSP and another attempt is made to connect to the same CSP, if using Internet Explorer, the user is presented the “Starting CSP Configuration Utility” screen instead of "Multiple Browsers Connected" error screen.


ControlSpace Remote

  1. The first source selector created on a CSR panel does not immediately update to reflect source changes made in the Configuration Utility or by other Controllers (CC-xD, CSR). It may take up to 120 seconds for CSR to show the change.  Workaround is to add the selector that is not updating a 2nd time to the CSR panel and hide (do not delete) the first selector.