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Feb 5, 2021

CSP428 and CC-3D comms issue


I have setup a CC-3D controller on a CSP 428 and i have comms between the units and i have assigned the proper inputs to the channels but after all this the controller continues to just flash slowly and does not control the CSP428. I there a procedure to exiting and saving the settings to both decices im missing or once you set the inputs and channels on the CSP428 should the controller automatically work?


Some work would be greatly appreciated 





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Jun 17, 2016

Re: CSP428 and CC-3D comms issue

Hi Cortec,

If the controller continues to flash, it usually means that it has not been assigned a listening area yet. Please make sure the controller is selected on the controller setup page, and select a listening area to assign to it. If this is already the case, then un-assign it, power cycle the controller and CSP428, and try again.


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