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Oct 3, 2008

Change the "Hidden" default cluster radius setting PLEASE!


I have had several of my dealers working on distributed systems or larger systems with sub arrays close to the main arrays get confused by the large "9.8' Cluster Radius" setting that we have hidden in a old control panel stuck in the background of Modeler. It groups together two or more speakers that are within 9.8' of each other as one "array" with one identifier. As the design you are creating grows, so does the size of the array if your next speaker is within 9.8' of another device since each speaker you have added to the array has the same 9.8' "web" around it as well to include the next speaker. See the example below.

Could we please change that in the next release of Modeler to a more workable distance for most designs like the current minimum 3.3' instead? For those that still need it for larger LT arrays, I understand (sort of) but it is more of a hindrance than a help for the current work that most of us do in the field.

Cluster Radius Setting at 9.8



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Oct 1, 2008

Re: Change the "Hidden" default cluster radius setting PLEASE!

I stand with Bruce!