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Oct 27, 2017

ControlSpace Designer CSD 5.3.2

This release of ControlSpace Designer and firmware adds the following features:

  1. SoIP documentation for Room Combining
  2. Mute logic I/O added to the USB output block.
  3. Added PSTN support for China
  4. Improved Gated AMM ATS noise tracking which improves voice mixing performance.

This release of ControlSpace Designer and firmware fixes various issues including:

  1. Fixed an issue where programming GPI or Serial IN was not working.
  2. Fixed an issue where Dante Endpoints were not visible in SPToolKit for ESP devices.
  3. Ctrl-click a series of rooms to quickly combine/uncombine them without the need to reselect the set between each add/remove
  4. Shure MXWAPT: Reversed the relationship between GPO and red/green LEDs to avoid the need for inverted logic out from most blocks.
  5. Static FBS filters no longer expire immediately when unlocked after DSP restart. They now expire after the set release time.
  6. Fixed an issue where the user was unable to update firmware with VoIP connected
  7. Improved performance of AEC firmware updates.
  8. Fixed Netlist issue with ESP-00 II and logic parameter set recall
  9. Fixed Gated AMM ATS for 32+ linked channels
  10. Removed "Set Port Spacing" for CC-16/64
  11. Fixed EX-1280C default netmask when changing to static IP configuration
  12. Fixed corrupted project file issue with Shift JIS character encoding
  13. Fixed EX-8ML logic initialization after EX-1280C firmware update
  14. Fixed search bar in Help Topics
  15. Fixed occasional noise issue on odd analog input channels upon reboot or design upload
  16. AEC updates are no longer automatically triggered after a firmware update.
  17. Automatically reboot EX-8ML after EX-1280C firmware update.
  18. Fixed issue where logic pulse gates required a few toggles to achieve the correct state at power-on.


Bose ControlSpace Designer 5.3.2 can be downloaded from PRO.BOSE.COM