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Oct 27, 2017

ControlSpace Designer v5.8.2

This release of ControlSpace Designer and firmware adds the following functionality:

  1. Integrated support for Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 Microphone.

  2. Added a new feature: Label propagation. Please see help file for full details on using this feature.

  3. Support for FS2C, FS2SE, FS2P, FS4CE, and FS4SE Loudspeakers.

  4. EQs for FS2 that support EN54-24 VA.

  5. Added Bose Portable Speakers to the Device List (S1 Pro, L1 Compact, L1 Model 1S, L1 Model II).

  6. Added GPI volume control to PowerShare-D.

  7. Updated the MSA12X Dante Firmware to v4.1.2.1

  8. CSD property panel for logic gates was reduced to show only those properties that the user is able to modify.

  9. Users can now control PS404D and PS604D properties using the GPI of an ESP or EX Processor.

  10. User can now mute an entire input or output in the matrix mixer.

  11. Improved error messages throughout the application.

  12. Externally changed Dante channel names (i.e. Dante Controller) can be loaded in CSD.

  13. User is now visually informed when online if a device disconnects or reconnects to CSD.

  14. Increased the number of serial output strings to 200.

Please see the release notes for the various ControlSpace Designer and firmware fixes.

The CSD v5.8.2 files can be downloaded using the following links:

All files will be available on PRO.BOSE.COM soon.