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May 2, 2020

ESP 00 II Won't Connect to CSD

Bose ESP 00 II

CSD v5.8.2.32571

USA, East Coast


I have an ESP00 that will not connect to CSD. I can ping the ESP00 and hardware manager can see it, but it will not come up in a scan or "Go Online". I can also connect serial RS232 and get network info. Also, control space remote still controls blocks just fine. 


It has connected to this version of CSD before without issue. There have been no changes to the network environment. Things I've tried:

  • Reinstall CSD
  • Turn off Windows Firewall
  • Different laptop with same version of CSD

Is the ESP network card shot, or is the programming corrupted?




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Jun 17, 2016

Re: ESP 00 II Won't Connect to CSD

Hi JeffAlex,


What message do you get when trying to scan for devices? Is it just the "No devices found.." message?

It's strange that it shows up in hardware manager, but won't go online.

In HWM, does it show anything out of project or with incompatible firmware?


If this is a network card issue, it might be possible to recover it without needing service. (a manual voltage adjustment of the power supply can be performed)


If you can't scan for it, then I'm not sure it's a file issue. However, if you're able to have this show up on a scan, please first use the System>Retrieve Saved Design function and save the file as a backup.


Then try to send a blank file to the system. If this works- go offline, open the original design file again and upload it to the system. 


You can try calling us from the jobsite (or with the processor available) if you're in the US. 

800-994-2673. (Mon-Fri 9AM-7PM EST)


Thank you,


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Apr 9, 2019

Re: ESP 00 II Won't Connect to CSD

Hi, I had had this issue before. Check you don't have another instance of CSD running on another pc on your network. I had this issue where one of our tech guys had opened CSD on a remote machine but forgot to close the program after adjusting levels. I could not connect from my machine and the symptoms are exactly as you described. Hope this is of some help...