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Nov 5, 2010

How did I used RM for the club?

I designed a club with RM+PM. At installation time, the club owner said: the loadspeak's timbre is not the sort of their music.
Their music is electronic music.
How did I configure to meet the requirementst?

Equipment list:
RM9040*4 RM12060*6 RMS215*2 RMS218*4
PM8500 ESP88
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Aug 20, 2008

Re: How did I used RM for the club?

Hi Matthew!

We just recently completed a set up at the Sundance Music Festival where RoomMatch was installed within a club.

Most the artists there were EDM (electronic dance music) and included 2 of the top 10 DJs in the world - Steve Aoki and Dash Berlin. The system sounded great and everyone is liking the performance.

can you please send me information on the set up and configuration you are using and I can help out with any recommendations.

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Nov 24, 2008

Re: How did I used RM for the club?

Hello Matthew (and all the others who encounter similar situation)

Knowing this discussion board is not intended for a marketing message...

Still I cannot resist quoting a comment from one of the top FOH engineers in Japan, who recently visited FMH and experienced a RoomMatch demo:

“I like the sound of RoomMatch and PowerMatch. First of all it is a good fit for classical music because instruments sound natural. It is not harsh, not ear-piercing even at high level. At the same time, (together with subs) it also will be a good fit for Dance/Club type of music. Bass is smooth and clear with punch; a bass guitar sounds like a bass guitar.”

His company manages the most famous club in Tokyo, so I think this is a valid comment.

Thank you,