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Dec 18, 2017



I need to ask about the limiter 

Example: For 802 speaker , P=240w, R=8 ohm

v(rms)=sqrt(p*r), v= sqrt(240*8)=43.81v

v(peak)= ?

Is it will be like v(peak)=sqrt2*(vrms), =61.96

Or Different

Because in software i am getting  v(peak)=71 for 802

                                                                      = 62 for 402


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Oct 27, 2017

Re: Limiter

HI Masroor,

The peak power depends per loudspeaker. This can be found in the Technical Data Sheet.

For the 802 it is 960 W

That would mean:
U = sqrt(960*8) = 87.63 V

But the Vpeak on a single PM-X500 amplifier is 71 V.
If you change the PM output configuration to V-Bridge you will see that the Vpeak is updated to 87 V


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Dec 18, 2017

Re: Limiter

Thank you Arno for your support ,giving ideas and clearing doubts.

I have try in V-Bridge mode and its working fine.

But why the peek power is 4 times the rms for every speakers. its calculating as per working hr or what?

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May 20, 2020

Re: Limiter

Hi Masroor,

if you take a look at our TDS, you'll see in the footnotes how we measure power handling of our speakers. We use a test signal that has 6 dB difference between peak and rms values. That's a factor of 4 in power.

There's no notion of time when it comes to power. In this case (electrical power), it's just voltage x current. Or voltage^2/impedance.

best rgds,