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May 1, 2013

MB210 Speaker Add to CSP

I don't know if anyone else is having a problem but I have. I have included some screenshots. 

First, my bose folder is under my "Program Files (x86)-

Second, the is not a folder labeled Subs in any of the speaker groups or in the main folder:

I have opened all of the folders above and I cannot find a "subs" folder. I have pasted the MB210.seq files into the Panaray folder where the MB4 subs are located but when I go to find it it is not there. 


Any help would be great. 


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Oct 27, 2017

Re: MB210 Speaker Add to CSP

Hello J,

It is your choice where you want to save the speaker EQ file.
In the announcement was mentioned: "the "Subs" folder has to be created manually".
That means that the, if you want to save the SEQ file in the "Subs" folder, you have to create it before you can save the SEQ file into it.

Best regards,