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Aug 20, 2008

Modeler 6.8 Update

All Modeler users who registered prior to December 23, 2013 should have received an email today notifying them of an update to the Modeler software version 6.8. This release includes two important fixes for the Modeler 6.8 release.

The two fixes included in this update are:
  • Corrections to the RoomMatch SKU numbers used in the RoomMatch rigging information data sheet which can be generated within the RoomMatch array properties.
  • Corrected an issue where a mechanical misalignment of RoomMatch modules results in certain conditions. When this occurs the coverage maps for the RoomMatch array are incorrect.

Included in the email is a link to the download of a new application installation utility. Once downloaded it can be used to re-install the application with the fixes described above.

If you did not receive this email please check your 'spam' folder, or you can contact me here via the forum.

Rob Kosman