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Aug 20, 2008

PM8500/N Unsuccessful Firmware Update via USB

In a very small percentage of cases the firmware update process for the PowerMatch™ PM8500/N amplifier is not successful when the firmware update is performed via USB using a recommended PC and Windows operating system. On some specific PC models, and in cases where a Virtual Windows PC is being used in Windows XP Mode to perform the firmware update, the probability of the firmware update process failing is significantly increased.

This issue most commonly occurs under the following conditions:
1) PowerMatch™ PM8500/N amplifier has firmware version 1.040
2) USB connection to amplifier
3) PC running Windows 7 Virtual PC in Windows XP Mode, or
4) PC running at a high-CPU capacity during firmware update process

It is important to note that this condition only occurs when upgrading the firmware when using the USB connection, and the firmware upgrade of a PM8500N via Ethernet works normally. In addition, the workaround described below should only be used in the event of a failed firmware upgrade.

We are currently investigating the root cause of this issue, but believe it is caused by data rate and timing differences between different makes and models of PCs.

Products Affected
PowerMatch PM8500/N v1.040 and ControlSpace Designer software v3.0

Before updating the PM8500/N firmware via the USB port we recommend the following best practices:
1) Reboot the PC after the unsuccessful firmware upgrade.
2) The PC being used meets the minimum system requirements for ControlSpace Designer 3.0.
3) ControlSpace Designer v3.044 (Nov. 2011) is being used to perform the update. (also available for download at pro.Bose.com)
4) Any CPU intensive background tasks or applications are stopped before beginning the firmware update process.

An unsuccessful firmware update will render the PM8500/N in a seemingly unusable/unresponsive state. It is possible to use the hardware recovery mode to reload the PM8500/N firmware and restore functionality to the unit.

Recovery Mode may be used successfully with a standard Windows PC, or Windows 7 Virtual PC in Windows XP Mode).

Entering Recovery Mode
Starting with the amplifier powered OFF, press and hold Menu Soft Keys 1-3-5 while turning ON the amplifier. Hold the key combination until the amplifier boots into Recovery Mode as will be indicated on the LCD screen when successful. Please note that the cooling fans will operate at full-speed in Recovery Mode.

Restoring the PM8500 Firmware
Firmware upload while the PM8500/N is in Recovery Mode may only be performed using ControlSpace Designer software version 3.044 or newer, available for download from pro.Bose.com.

Connect to the unit via USB and launch the ControlSpace Designer software. Once you are connected to the hardware, the firmware update process will be initiated, and the software will provide instructions on how to perform a firmware the upgrade in this mode.

A final resolution to the issue will be released in ControlSpace Designer software v3.0x. Until then, please use v3.044 to help resolve the firmware upgrade issue.