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Mar 28, 2011

Red POWER LED of ESP880AD after reboot

We have a project that uses ESP880AD and three PMs , the customer turn off the Power every day, and then it often happens that the Power light is red when the ESP is turned on , and it has to be restarted several times before it turns green. We have changed two processors of the same model, but the same problem still happens.

We found that CSD can scan the device when the power red light is on, and HW can also check the information of the device. Everything seems to be ok. When using CSD online, there will be prompts in the picture0a19157aab6af1fd43e7312b6133bec.png

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Jun 17, 2016

Re: Red POWER LED of ESP880AD after reboot

Hi Carl,


I have found that on certain networks, when everything is power cycled daily, a switch with a DHCP router can fail to communicate with an ESP when on DHCP if Dante is also on the network. This is not a common issue, but a good test would be to see if the problem happens with or without the switch being turned off/on. 


If this is not related, the solution might be to upload a blank design file to the full system (including amps) and re-upload the original design file. Please let us know. And sorry for the late reply.


Best Regards,