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Aug 20, 2008

Sample Project Files/Designs

Do you ever work with sample projects as a starting point for your projects? Do you create and store sample projects, or signal processing layouts for future use in projects?

Help us understand how you do or do not use sample projects in your designs by answering the poll questions below. You can also 'reply' to this post and provide additional detail, examples or ideas that you would like to share.
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Nov 19, 2008

Re: Sample Project Files/Designs

As a contractor, back in the day, I used to copy paste sections of design files all the time. Especially the more complex paging, logic, or videoconferencing type designs. So I would love to have this capability within ControlSpace, specifically copy/paste multiple DSP blocks and their internal wiring.

However, today, due to the limitations within CSP I really do not use reference files because it is not possible to copy/paste (can’t even have two files open at the same time, which makes even simple visual referencing cumbersome) and it is typically too much of a pain to edit an existing similar design… at least the more complex ones with remapping, parameter sets, etc.

So my poll answers would change to using templates and parts of designs 100% of the time, if CSP had some of this functionality.