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Oct 1, 2008

"Meter display" on ControlSpace Remote devices

Hello everyone,

During trainings and presentations of the CSR App, I had several times the remark from reseller and end-users if we could monitor the METERs to have a better understanding of audio signals and levels in the hardware (ESP / EX / PM / PS Dante).

Best regards

Bose Employee
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Oct 27, 2017

Re: "Meter display" on ControlSpace Remote devices

HI Guillaume,

This has been logged as a feature request (108).

For now, you might can use an EX-1280C and use the logic output connected to a Meter. Add the logic out to CSR.
That way you can indicate if there is a signal present or not.

Please wait to test this as in CSD 5.5 we have improved this functionality.