Acoustimas 300 serial number issue

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Acoustimas 300 serial number issue

Hi, I am from Kolkata, India & recently bought the SoundTouch 300 sound bar (made in Malaysia) and Acoustimass 300 bass module (made in China) from a Bose store in my city.
For the Acoustimass 300 I find that serial number mentioned on the unit is different from the serial number mentioned on the carton box.
Product registration procedure clearly states that serial number below the actual unit needs to be entered where as my invoice from Bose store has the serial number as mentioned on the carton.
On informing the Bose store I was told to bring the Acoustimass 300 to the store for replacement but the new unit at the store also had same serial number mismatch issue!
I find this rather strange! Did anyone notice this issue of mismatch of serial number with their purchases?
Is it normal or standard to have such mismatch of serial numbers with a Bose product?
The store person says that their local service centre back office will have both the serial numbers linked to the same unit for any future service issues - a reply I did not find very convincing.
Requesting response and feedback from fellow members on this mismatch issue.

Re: Acoustimas 300 serial number issue

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The serial numbers occasionally can have different number on the boxes compared to products as the AM300 is also packaged with the Lifestyle 600/650 systems.  The serial number on the actual product/component is the most reliable serial number to utilize.  If you have any further concerns, I would recommend contacting your local support center to have them validate the numbers for you.  Just click HERE and select your country and Contact Us at the bottom.


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