Amazon Echo & Bose Lifestyle 650

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Amazon Echo & Bose Lifestyle 650

Last year, in October, I read here in this forum that Bose was working on the technicality of connecting  the Lifestyle 650 to Amazon Echo via Skills. I am curious to know when this much needed udate would be released.


Would appreciate if someone could throw some light on this!


Re: Amazon Echo & Bose Lifestyle 650

Hi Rondi,


Thanks for the post.  Currently SoundTouch is compatible using the Bose Smart Home Skill in certain countries.  This will control some SoundTouch sources, however you would not have full control over the Lifestyle system.  This is something that may be available in the future.  We will update the community if there are any announcements.


Best Regards,

Brandon - Community Support



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Re: Amazon Echo & Bose Lifestyle 650

Hello Brandon,


Thank you for sharing this information. 

Looking forward to the update. Hope it comes my way soon!



Rohan Dias