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Bose Hearphones

I posted this information in another thread related to something else, but I want to share it here also. My Bose Hearphones have truly changed my daily life! I'm about halfway through the trial period, and I have no intention of sending them back. Any issues I have experienced are either minor compared to the huge benefit they give me, or it's an issue that is easily fixed (occastionally one ear will squeal, for example - what works so far is to turn them off and on again, and then the squealing is gone). The benefits are huge: I don't have to ask for the closed caption device at the movies any more, I no longer blast my husband out of the living room with high volume when we watch tv, and I can even  hear him speaking if we are eating in a noisy restaurant. Meetings at work and social gatherings are no longer uncomfortably garbled. I can hear all the birds and bugs outside. In addition, I can keep my tinnitus masking app streaming to the Hearphones all the time so I don't go stark raving mad from the constant ringing in my ears that I've had my whole life. I am very much in love with these Hearphones! The only thing that is difficult and a little frustrating at times about them is that the app often claims it can't find the Hearphones even though it's connected (even if I try all of the suggested approaches to fix it), but that's a minor daily struggle that that I can live with, lol It eventually sees the Hearphones one way or another. I have been highly recommending them to anyone who asks me about them! I will also say that I recommend getting the protection plan as it provides significant peace of mind. 


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Thanks for the great update on the Hearphones!  I'm glad that these are making a difference in your day to day life, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us!


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