Bose St (SoundTouch) review

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Bose St (SoundTouch) review

Well, just sold my Bose st collection five minutes ago after haveing Bose for two years. Had to sell them with a huge loss due to the used marked being flooded with Bose the last months.

First off, the SoundTouch app is almost useless. It’s extremely slow and lacks vital and basic functions.
Just have a look in the forum here to see what a Bose “smart-WiFi-system” lacks and you’ll get the point.

Pricing is now terrible due to lacking information and integration of AirPlay 2 and Apple Music.

Worst off all is their support, they haven’t brought any new information since 2017 about AirPlay 2 or implementing basic smart functions like wake-up alarm etc. (They have since said that new information will come(that’s really not new information))

So, thanks for a **bleep**ty support and all the automated answers Bose. You are a sinking ship and I’m glad I got rid off you before we enter the age whereas people just laugh when u tell them u got Bose!

Taking off e-mail notifications since I never wanna be at this **bleep**ing useless forum again. Hope u bann my account u


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