Larger Remote not in U.S. ?

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Larger Remote not in U.S. ?

I bought the WAVE IV radio with CD.

The remote is too small.

 A search of previous questions showed a recommendation for a premium back-lit larger remote,

but the link to it is no longer valid.

Now I stumble across a page in England that shows that it is still for sale in England:

Why isn't it for sale in the United States so that I can buy one?


Re: Larger Remote not in U.S. ?

Hello morrisdean,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community, that's a great question! We no longer stock or manufacture the Premium Backlit Remote in any country, the page you have linked shows the price of the product only as it is not available; you may still be able to purchase the remote from 3rd parties. 


I hope this helps, should you need anything else then please get in touch.


Kindest regards,

Zoe C - Community Support 

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Re: Larger Remote not in U.S. ?

When Bose no longer allows customers  the option of buying a larger remote,

that shows a lack of concern for the customers.


I am half-blind from Diabetes, and Arthritis has severly crippled my hands,

but Bose only makes tiny remotes that handicapped people cannot use.

That is terrible.