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Apr 15, 2018

My suggestion for portable speaker products.

Dear Bose Engineers


 I’m quite impressed by your Bose soundlink Revolve and plus. But it’s wasn’t louder than JBL Xtreme. I hope there a Large Revolve that can play louder as the Xtreme. I’m pretty sure lot of people would love this product. I’m bring please to invent a new product for the next line of Bose Portable speakers. 


Name of new portable speaker called Bose Revolve X or XL


New suggestion for Specifications


Battery Life: 20hrs


Fully Waterproof.


Pair 100 speakers together for Stereo or Party Mode.


Size of the Bose Revolve X or XL. It should be bigger than Bose Revolve plus, Ue ears megablast and other speakers that can play Loud as the Xtreme and other.


 I wish bose will approved this product. Because some people is looking for a Large sized portable speaker that can play Loud as Xtreme, Bose soundlink wireless music system And other. Also I hope bose is being serious inventing a new product.


















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Aug 25, 2017

Re: My suggestion for portable speaker products.

Hey there!


Welcome to the lounge, my friend!


Thank you for posting and taking the time to share your idea - I love it!  I think that a lot of folks would like these ideas as well.  


I just got the Revolve+ myself, it's such a great speaker.  I'd be happy to pass this information along to the team for you.


Please feel free to post anytime and take care,

Shiloh - Community Support