New house - Soundtouch audio system

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New house - Soundtouch audio system

Hi Everyone.


I am building a new house, and we have started pre wiring the electronics. I have a couple weeks to decide what audio system I want. The areas i want audio in is the open living area (consisting of a lounge, dining, kitchen, about 11m x 8m) + a separate lounge right next door (both lounge's will have separate TV's).


What I was thinking of doing was having a Soundtouch 300 (wall mounted) in the main living area and running ceiling speakers through it. (Can these be used as rears?) I want to try and avoid the wireless speakers and keep everything flush with the walls/ceiling.

What im really after is suggestions/thoughts/recommendations of speaker types or ways to run the system. I'll include a few questions i dont know the answer to:


Can I have multiple sets of ceiling speakers, say some in the lounge, some in kitchen, others in 2nd lounge... and play them separately when required? Should I have another soundtouch in the 2nd lounge to play whats on the tv there? Do i need extras like an amp?


Yes i am totally new to home theatre systems, and Bose quite frankly, so please feel free to come up with system recommendations for me Smiley Happy


Thanks guys!