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Apr 15, 2018

New suggestion for portable speaker.

 It’s not a end of line the soundlink mini. Because Bose hadn’t make a bigger version of soundlink mini. I’m naming medium sized Bose soundlink copansion series I and Large size is Bose soundlink copansion plus series I. Why choose this name. Because you can’t used the same name and you have to use another name so they won’t be confused. Also I’m adding new Specifications for this speakers.




Battery life 16 hours for medium size bose soundlink copansion series I. I’m not sure what is the battery life going to be on Large size.


 Oled displays on the top of speaker.


NFC Enabled


Multi-function button


Volume button


 play pause button


Power On/Off button 


Bluetooth button 


Charging Cradle


Auxiliary input 


Pair 100 speakers for Stereo or Party Mode playback.


The Large size will have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Airplay. Also I’m not sure if the medium size have enough room inside the speaker.



What display should show on oled screen while setting up the speaker First it should appear welcome in the screen, General setting: Language & Change voice to male or female, Time & Date, battery Percentage & Rename your speaker, it can be manually do only on the phone. When the next time you turn it on, it should say welcome, (person name). When using a voice command you can asked about battery percentage, mute the music, controlling volume percentage + & - only on speaker. You can use Volume up (+) and down to choose selection from the settings & to confirm the setting you want is the Multi-function button.

When the music is playing it should show up what’s the title of song. Also Power charger I’m not sure what Bose is going to used.


I’m hoping Bose approves this new products. Because Bose hadn’t release any portable speaker directional speakers from the past. Also I’m giving engineers some ideas they can use. 


Image of bigger size of soundlink mini Link:








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Dec 5, 2016

Re: New suggestion for portable speaker.

Hi Black_Rabbit60,


Thanks for the recommendations!  I'll send this up to the product teams.



Brandon - Community Support