Returning SoundTouch ST10 | Misleading Marketing

Silent Starter

Returning SoundTouch ST10 | Misleading Marketing

Very disappointed and returning the SoundTouch ST10.



Because It says in the marketing:

"This small wireless speaker lets you play music directly from a phone or tablet using Bluetooth®, or connect the speaker to your Wi-Fi network for instant in-home listening."


Leaves you with the understanding that it can be used as a WIFI speaker.


I guess technically yes it plays the worthless Bose Music App via WIFi, but not the PC audio output. It does not create a speaker option in the pc sound.


A bit of joke really and wasted time going cross town to pick this up.


The point was to have a good connection with the PC that didn't have to be reset because of other Bluetooth pairings.


No, actually the point was that it is marketed as a WIFI speaker for the PC and it's not.


Why? Why limit this to the music app?