Speaker Cube Identification

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Speaker Cube Identification

I was recently given a matching set (I believe) of 5 double cube Bose speakers with the logo centered on the bottom of the lower cube. How do I identify which Acoustimass bass module this set is from?


Any help much appreciated!


Re: Speaker Cube Identification

Hi Buckeyemuss, 


Thank you for the question. Just to clarify, do your cubes have a cloth grille and look like this?



If they do, they are called Doubleshot cubes. These were used in many different systems including the Acoustimass 10 series II, Acoustimass 10 series III, Acoustimass 15Lifestyle 25 series II, and Lifestyle 28



If, however, the grilles are metal, then those would be our original jewel cubes. They were used in many systems including the Lifestyle 30, Lifestyle 50, Lifestyle 35 and Lifestyle 48



Please let us know if you have any other questions! 


Kind Regards

Brent - Bose Support