Alarm in Phone-Free mode please!

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Alarm in Phone-Free mode please!

Is there any chance that we could get the alarm to work in Phone Free mode? 


I get this carries some overhead, but even a recurring alarm (same time every day) would be a great start. That way people can disable phone-free mode to change the alarm is needed.


My guess is that most people set their alarm for the same time every day (or at least week day). Also, most people looking for a product to enable better sleep patterns probably want to have a regular sleep pattern! Smiley Happy 




Re: Alarm in Phone-Free mode please!

Hi Jstrande,


Thank you for reaching out!


I have marked your post as a feature request so that the relevant team can view this.


Thank you for your feedback! Have a great day!




Jessie O - Community Support

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Re: Alarm in Phone-Free mode please!

Great! Thank you Jessie! 


Oh, and my typo above... as needed, not is needed! Smiley Happy