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Aug 5, 2019

And again with the charging issue

Just like so many others, I'm having the same problem. Right sleepbud not fully charging (charges to around 58%) and not being detected by the app - I have to replace and take it out again for it to be connected, also right bud charge not lasting through the night. I've done everything suggested on the boards. The firm wear (ver 2.00.00) and IOS app are up-to-date. Nothing works.

I know there are many topics on this but we've been offered no explanation or assurances that Bose is looking into the problem. The moderators on this site seem to reply as if it is an individual issue when it is obviously a wide-spread fault. Why is there no pinned message to give an update? Do we sit tight and wait, do we return them and perhaps get another faulty set? Is it software or hardware that's an issue? if they don't know at least pin a message to say that Bose is working on the issue and will get back to us as soon as possible.


I'm goin to contact technical support Monday and also get advice from Consumer Affairs as this seems to be a fault in the product which Bose should be recalling.


I really enjoy the sleepbuds. I was up and down about getting them due to how expensive they are - my partner bought them for me for my birthday in June.  I'm dissappointed with the official responses as I thought Bose would do better. For such an expensive item, it's not good enough.