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Jan 7, 2020

Any new sounds released since summer on the Bose Sleep App? Also what's your experience on 'Buds II?

 Just got the Sleepbuds II as a Xmas gift and am wondering whether to keep them before opening. 


I'm a massive supporter of this tech, what Bose is doing here is more important than all the pointless yearly mobile phone revisions and incremental tech in my view. Although they're just buds that make noise, they're the perfect example of how micro engineering can lead to a breakthrough that improves lives.


However, I spent a whole year and a lot of money buying multiple Sleepbuds I and Bose were amazing every step of the way always sending me replacement pairs. It's trouble for me and for Bose doing this though so although I'm tempted to just open them and get stuck in (I think there's a trial period?) I figured I'd ask around first.


I had magnet issues (my glue job was a mess unfortunately, though many more skilled users did better), and charging issues mostly. I had the odd ticking thing on the first pair that later pairs didn't have. 


I'd also like to know if there's more sounds to the library now, think the last time I used the app was early summer this year. 




Oh and thanks Bose for sticking it out and having another shot at this. Must cost a lot to R&D and get a lot of returns, really appreciate it!