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Apr 17, 2019

Battery life is suddenly halved

I bought a new boxed pair of sleep buds and was loving them, however now it seems to go from one issue to the next. Last week one wouldn’t charge last 47% - sorted by resetting the case, fine, but last night I turned them on about 11.30pm and both said to be at 100% charge, and I wake up at 8am because one has run out and the other is at 27%. I’ve been sleeping with them a little higher than the indicated volume setting but not at max, and they have thus far been playing all night, so I’m confused as to why the battery is now halving and not even consistently between sleepbuds? I tend to wake up when just one turns off so am getting v tired.
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Re: Battery life is suddenly halved

Hi Shaylux,


I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with your Sleepbuds. I'd love to suggest some troubleshooting steps should you be experiencing issues with the Sleepbuds charging and power use:

- Make sure the Sleepbuds are connected properly to the charging case. The contacts should be aligned and the lights on the outside edge should flash while charging, or solid if fully charged
- Check the charging case battery indicators to make sure that the battery of the case isn’t depleted
- Make sure that the charging contacts for each Sleepbud are visible through the back of each StayHear+ Sleep tip
- Make sure there is no debris or wax buildup covering the charging contacts on the Sleepbuds or the charging pins in the case
- If the Sleepbuds have been exposed to high or low temperatures, let the sleepbuds return to room temperature and then try charging again
- Reset the charging case (with Sleepbuds in the case) by inserting a paper clip in the back of the case until you feel a click
- Ensure that the firmware for your Sleepbuds has been updated to the latest version. Information on how to do this can be found via our website HERE.


Should the issue persist, I encourage you to reach out to product support in your region via our Global website HERE, select your region and use the "Contact Us" feature at the bottom of the page to explore available service options.



Andy B