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Dec 30, 2019

Bose Product Help

After struggling with various Bose SoundTouch products for nearly eighteen months, I have only just found this Bose forum. I was at the point of selling the equipment on, but a colleague at work suggested looking for a Bose forum.

I did find the forum, but strangely, not from within the Bose.co.uk web site.

In my experience, given that there is very little information supplied with Bose’s equipment (out of the new box), I have found the forum very informative, and provides links to manuals and videos of how to use the product. I still have many queries to resolve with SoundTouch, but at least I do not feel so isolated.

As a little prompt to the Bose web site designers, you might think that the Bose community forum area, Product Help, which provides the sign in facility for your queries and where a lot of information and experience can be obtained at


would be referenced from within the ‘Bose Product Support’ page,