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Jan 20, 2020

Bose does not care about it's customers and it would be so easy for them to do so.

I have a fairly difficult case of tinnitus. I am not asking for sympathy but I did ask Bose support for help. I noticed that their efforts to help on social media are almost negligible and all they care about is selling their products. I have bought a number of products including the most recent SleepBuds II. Although the sounds are better-than-average, I am looking for something that helps with my tinnitus which is actually very simple to generate if Bose allowed the customers with this product to create their own sound. However, I was given the typical BS answer of an organization that does not give a crap about the customers. Bose has shown itself not to be a socially irresponsible organization by not even attempting to communicate for a solution. I guarantee this will be the last product I ever buy from this company and I would hope you will all do the same.


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Bose SleepBuds II



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