Bud(s) Disconnecting After Alarm

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Bud(s) Disconnecting After Alarm

I've had the sleep buds since Christmas. I've updated them to the latest version through the app, updated the firmware on the base, and read each related post in these forums. I've reset the base, restarted my phone, and reinstalled the app. I'm having issues with the buds being disconnected and with the terrible, terrible scratching sound from my pillow. Like, try to fall asleep with someone flicking your ear drum bad. It seems like there are some temporary fixes for the scratching until Bose releases some kind of decal to fix this issue permanently.


The buds/disconnection issue that I'm experiencing is slightly different than any I've yet found on the forum, however.

I AM having issues with the app disconnecting with one or both buds at different times and under different conditions. Like other users, I've found that they disconnect randomly throughout the night, when trying to put them in for use they disconnect/not found/not charged, and ALSO the right ear bud disconnects every single time that the alarm goes off. I cannot snooze as the bud disconnects and just alarms constantly while the left bud seems to turn off. Even when the alarm is just turned off after being triggered the bud plays the alarm sound until it is placed into the charger.


I feel extremely ripped off. Guess I'll try to call Bose. Maybe talking to a real person may help troubleshoot the problem, or help me get a refund as Amazon  (where you will find a 23%!!!! out of 500 people - 1 star rating for this product) will not accept a return for this product for personal hygiene reasons.


Re: Bud(s) Disconnecting After Alarm

Hello SirSlick,


We thank you for joining the community and for providing your feedback. We're sorry for the experiencing you are having. As you may have already seen, we are aware of the pillow noise that some users have reported and are working to provide a solution. You can read about any updates from here: https://bose.life/2RdMDjr


The connectivity issues you're having are unfortunate, and it is trouble you should not have to go through. We appreciate the great troubleshooting you've done. Based on what is happening, it seems that Sleepbuds are in need of service and we encourage you to reach out to our service team who can better assist. 


Contact information can be found here.



Please let us know how everything works out for you.



Thank you and take care.



Mohsin - Community Support