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Jan 30, 2021

Charging case not recharging past two dots

My Sleepbuds 2 charging case isn’t recharging past two dots even though it been plugged in for eight hours. The earbuds themselves are showing 100% though.

I’ve used a paper clip to reset the charging case.


I’ve made sure the software is up to date.


What else can I try?


UPDATE: The charging situation has gotten *worse*. Even though the case has been plugged in for nine hours now, the number of dots has dropped from two to one. So it’s losing power! What can I do?



Re: Charging case not recharging past two dots

Hey there, 


Thank you for posting and reaching back out to the Community today. We are sorry to hear that you are having a charging issue with your Sleepbuds II case. 


Have you attempted to charge the Sleepbuds case via a different outlet or with a different charging cable? If you have any the issue persists, please do reach out to us via the Contact Us page here to explore service options for your product.

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