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Dec 9, 2019


I'm sending my sleepbuds for an exchange but it says to include the "primary components".  Does that mean the sleepbuds, charging case, charging cord, and usb plug?  Could I get a complete list of what "primary components" refer to.  I have a second pair where I'm requesting a refund.  Will this be the same?  


Also is it okay to send it in a bubble envelop or does it have to be boxed up?





Re: Exchanging

Hello Lisa,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Bose Community.


When exchanging your Sleepbuds, it would be essential for you to include the Sleepbuds and the charging case. You can keep the other accessories if you wish to. You can do that for both exchanges. 


A bubbled envelop should be no problem! 


Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Warm regards,

Charlotte G - Community Support