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Apr 28, 2019

FYI You’ve likely lost multiple future sales

Bose, Apple and BMW. In terms of brand recognition this is what a lot of people think. I bought a pair of QC20 for myself because I was traveling a lot at the time. I like them so much that when my wife and daughter started to vacation with me internationally, I bought a pair for each of them. I have also acquired a Bose sound bar and several other Bose items. However, after reading the reviews for the sleep masking earbuds on Amazon, here, and elsewhere, I am definitely reconsidering purchasing a set. And, how you address customer satisfaction with this product will likely affect my future purchasing decisions of other Bose products. I just wanted to put this out there and make this known that I am probably not alone in thinking and feeling this way. It is important that you understand how your customers feel about your products and your brand and how it affects your bottom line.
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Mar 11, 2019

Re: FYI You’ve likely lost multiple future sales

I agree, Bose have let their customers down not only about the Sleepbuds (mine work well btw) but also about them changing the QC35ii so they now have AR functions which seem to have ruined a once good product.


Bose need to work with their customers, not treat them as an inconvienience.