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Jan 4, 2021

First impressions / Message to BOSE

Bose product name

SleepBuds II



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iPhone 12 Pro Max


I have had the SleepBuds II for exactly 1 week now. I am impressed with the quality of the charger/box and the comfort of wearing it. Furthermore, this product has a great potential, but that potential is unfortunately not sufficiently fulfilled.

The sounds.
I personally find rest sounds irrelevant. For that I don't buy expensive SleepBuds, because with regular earbuds on my smartphone I can find much nicer and better sounds, and for sleeping those sounds (at least for me) are not suitable. For the sound panoramas, with a few exceptions, the same applies.
What matters to me are the masking sounds (specifically against industrial noise and a snoring partner). Unfortunately, those masking sounds are quite disappointing. Most of these sounds immediately drop out for me for one or more of the following reasons:
- they have a distinctly repetitive character: Rinse, Rustle, Squall, Country Road, Rain forest, Hideaway, Songbirds
- they have large changes in volume: Swell, Rumble, Boardwalk
- they contain a tonal component such as buzzing, humming, whistling: Circulate, Altitude, Undercurrent, Tumble dry, Portal, Outbound, Starboard, Country road, West wind
- the difference between left and right channels sounds too unnatural: Campfire, Cobblestones, Shower, Boardwalk, Marina, Shore line
The remaining sounds do not adequately mask, except for a few (such as Warm static), but in these I have to set the volume so high that the sound itself becomes annoying.

Last night I slept well for the first time. It was a quiet night (I only had to wake up my partner once because of snoring). The SleepBuds were on 45% volume (Warm static).
If all nights were this quiet I would be downright enthusiastic about the SleepBuds, but if I go to sleep with the volume at 45% and during the night more ambient noise arises which wakes me up, I still have to raise the volume of the SleepBuds, which means: disconnect the smartphone from the charger, put on my glasses, open the app, adjust the volume, connect the smartphone to the charger again, take off my glasses and try to get back to sleep despite the higher volume.
This immediately indicates a second issue with the SleepBuds: you cannot easily adjust the volume.

Tip for Bose: come up with a handy remote control (wristband, or something you can put under your pillow or just on the bedside table) with which you can adjust the volume while half asleep, without the need for a smartphone.

And while you're at it, maybe that remote could also have a button to scroll through the tracks.

It would be great if you could also change the user interface of the app so that I can easily remove unwanted sounds from the SleepBuds. For example, I'm thinking of a simple checkbox next to each sound so I can indicate whether or not I want that sound on my SleepBuds. If I have everything selected then it can all be transferred to the SleepBuds at once (or I get a notification that it doesn't fit and that I need to adjust my selection).

Like many other users, I would welcome being able to add my own sounds as Bose's offerings are far too meager. I understand why streaming is not supported, but surely, offering a personal sound library in the app should be possible with a product you pay 270 euros for.
But if such a personal library is too much to ask then at least help us by responding to our requests for adjustments to existing sounds (such as removing disturbing repetitive effects) and honor requests for new sounds.
I also strongly support the proposal to allow longer sound fragments (even at the expense of the number of fragments you can load).

My wish for a new sound:
bubbling kettle (with enough low frequencies to mask snoring).

Please Bose, let us hear from you and indicate what we can expect. I still have 80 days to return the SleepBuds (and start looking for something better) but I hope that won't prove necessary in the end.


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Jan 3, 2021

Re: First impressions / Message to BOSE

The remote is a great idea 👍 It's a pain having to unlock the phone everytime you want to change volume or track.


Also agree with all the points about the sounds. More masking sounds please!