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Apr 12, 2020

Fix for 58% charge

So my left earbud stopped charging at 58% I don’t know if the charger was firmly connected to the bud. I tried removing and placing it back and the light stayed solid indicating that it was fully charged at 58%. The battery didn’t go from 100 max charge to 58 over night. Software issue. So I took the buds BOTH off and cleaned the contacts on the base and the buds with alcohol and a qtip. Then I unplugged the charging case and used an Apple SIM card removal pin to reset the base, this is more effective than a sharp pin as it just stabs into the rubber reset button and can be difficult to actually hit. I held the button for 10 seconds and released. I placed the left earbud on the charger only and it started to blink. It’s now at 72% and counting charging pretty rapidly. I have an iPhone 11 updated to the latest firmware and the buds and app are both completely up to date as well. I have had this problem in the past and fixed it the same way. I hope this helps at least someone! 😃