High pitch sound problem

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High pitch sound problem

I can't begin to describe how disappointed I am with the Bose Sleepbuds. I was really hoping that they would work. I got them as a Christmas gift and they did work seamlessly the first few days. However, after around the 7th or 8th time of using them, I started hearing the high pitch crackling noise. I researched the community and found out that I am not the only one with this problem. I have done everything that has been suggested i.e. update the case, check the latest firmware, resetting the case and unfortunately NON OF IT WORKS. I usually never bother about writing a review about these kinds of things. However, I am deeply disappointed since I am a fan of Bose products usually. However, this product is complete garbage. Will there be any new updates on this matter? Could the Bose company test it's on products before selling them with these problems? How can I change my pair for a new one?






Re: High pitch sound problem

Hi g_giraud,


Thanks for reaching out. I am sorry to hear about the experience you have had with your Sleepbuds so far. We would like the opportunity to assist so you can enjoy your product the way it was intended. I would recommend contacting your local Sleepbuds support team for assistance. Here is a link you can use for contact information. Click on your region, scroll down until you see "Contact Us."




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Re: High pitch sound problem



I have the same problem.

I have tried all the suggested things to get rid of the problem, but nothing worked. In the phoneless mode it doesn't get better at all.

I have also exchanged the Sleep Buds on Amazon - the only thing which has changed is that the crackling noise now happens on the right bud instead of the left.

Anyway, I also have contact the local customer service of Bose here in Germany. He offered me to change the Buds again directly with Bose. It would last up to three weeks.

Honestly, I expect happening the same as before and I'm very disappointed so far.

The Sleep Buds appeared to be such an ideal product for me to help me with my sleeping problems but this is just disappointing.

Who can acutally help me instead of going in circles? In the German community forum nobody of the Bose team responses anymore...


Best, Felix from Germany

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Re: High pitch sound problem

They don't obtain/give meaningful updates here, they just refer to support line who exchange. I've also noticed these sounds changing over time, less chirping atm and more just an awful high-pitched whine.
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Re: High pitch sound problem

Yep, same here, I've tried all the suggestions. Nothing meaningful in response from Bose yet other than contact links. I did an exchange in early December but the problem didn't wasn't really resolved by this.


I have tried a few experiments though, and one thing I have noticed, when I tried swapping buds over (left to right ear), is that it seems like the high pitched sound doesn't necessarily travel with the bud, i.e. there are some sounds where my right ear is more sensitive to it than my left ear, regardless of which bug I use. I then tried all the different sounds; I think a lot of the sounds have exhibit some poor audio compression artifacts that are picked by my right ear more than the left. Some of the newer sounds don't really have the problem so much as others (e.g. "Boardwalk" seems to do the trick, and blocks out my partner's snoring quite well; But I can hear an uncomfortable high pitch sound with "Cascade" though).


So Bose, if you are actually reading any of these posts: are some of your samples higher quality than others? Have you looked at them after compression with a spectrum analyser to see if there are any particularly prominant frequencies/harmonics? For me, "Cascade" is terrible, but "Boardwalk" and "Warm Static" are OK (the later is not very good at masking snoring though - It's too constant).


At the moment I am only able to tollerate a small subset of the sounds though, which is really disappointing. When will there be some new sounds? Some where promised a while ago...