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Aug 25, 2019

How to get Bose sleepbuds to just work

I often find that the left bud won’t charge. This issue is all over Bose’s service site with unhelpful suggests like to repeatedly unplug and plug it back in. I snap them in place, the light goes on to indicate that i plugged them both in on both sides, but then the left bud comes out uncharged the next day. By the time i realize it i’m trying to sleep so I just give up on the sleepbuds. Bose has to expect that the time at which users will try to use the product is right before sleep when they want zero hassle, yet this product demands high toil from the user to root cause and debug why one isn’t working, either because it didn’t charge or needs an update or just needs to be resynced. When I use these without hassle they are great but I have a 5-minute battle with these every other night. Also, I worked as an engineering manager at Amazon for years, now at a Bay Area startup — I am far from tech savvy and am convinced the product is just defective.


These really require an app to use. There is a phone free mode but I frequently run into issues that require using the app to get both earbuds working. I try to not look at my phone before sleeping. Forcing you to look at an app is a good way to reduce sleep quality. It’s funny how they are making to tech to help us fall asleep now, when it is the tech that is what’s keeping us up in the first place.


It’s not that comfortable in the ear even after trying all sizes. I found I often unconsciously yank one or both out in the middle of the night because they are irritating, but after a few nights of consecutive use, you adjust and they seem to stay in. I suppose i would get used to them but the battery keeps not charging meaning i never get to use them consecutive nights.


This product is a dud. The product managers at Bose should feel proud of this great idea. The engineering team should not feel proud of the poor execution on this idea. It’s a dud of a product launch and a very expensive one.


Is there any plan to release an update or new version of this product that just works? The issues are too numerous to say just fix one issue. In short, I just want less failure modes and a reliable product. When is Bose going to fix the many things wrong with this?