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Feb 5, 2021

I hear my own breathing

Bose product name Sleepbuds 2





These are great to mask my husband’s snoring, but I can hear my own breathing. Not helpful. Why does this happen? 




Re: I hear my own breathing

Hey Jan8j,


Thank you for taking the time to post and welcome to the Bose Community. I'm pleased to hear the Sleepbuds II are working great for masking sounds around you.


In regard to hearing your own breath, have you tried increasing the volume of the buds or tried using a different sound to see if things get any better?

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Jan 4, 2021

Re: I hear my own breathing

Any earplug that closes the ear canal has the effect of hearing your own breathing. Some also hear their blood circulation or the tremor of muscles. Most people get used to these sounds fairly easily (they are your own, after all) so my advice would be to try to get used to them first, for example, by wearing your turned off Sleepbuds. After that you can always use the masking sounds for that purpose, but somewhere it is strange if you have to use the masking sounds of the Sleepbuds to mask the sounds that you hear because you wear those Sleepbuds.