Minimal volume one sleepbud, random charging issue other

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Minimal volume one sleepbud, random charging issue other

I'm currently on my second set of sleepbuds and have now hit some new issues.


The volume on the left sleepbud is minimal and I can now hardly hear it even with the volume on maximum.


For the right, this seems to charge to a random value despite being charged for well over 12 hours each day with the last few nights being 75%, 15%, 48% (the infamous 48%), 1% and 78%.


Troubleshooting to date:

  • Both have been well cleaned multiple times, with no obvious impact to block sound transmission (I can clearly see there is nothing blocking the sound transmission)
  • I've carefully cleaned the charging contacts on the case plus the contacts on the sleepbuds
  • I'm on the currently latest version of the case updater, case firmware and IOS app
  • I've reset the case multiple times
  • I've tried multiple combinations of the above over multiple nights


Any other suggestions? Other than get another exchange set?


When this product works, I love it, but the multiple failings are severely annoying and I'd now be unlikely to consider purchasing other Bose products (although I do love my QC35 headphones).

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Re: Minimal volume one sleepbud, random charging issue other

I've now received my second replacement set of Sleepbuds after this latest issue, with Bose Support in Australia arranging the replacement, complete with a new two year warranty.


Fingers crossed they will last more than a couple of months this time.