Phone-Free mode is a huge win

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Phone-Free mode is a huge win



My Sleep buds does not play when the buds are removed from the case. Can you please advise me how to solve this?





Release notes:



  • New Phone-Free Mode feature: In Phone-Free Mode, your pre-selected sleep sound will play as soon as the buds are removed from the charging case, no app required. Note: wake up alarms are disabled while using Phone-Free Mode
  •  This feature requires a Sleepbuds firmware update(6.0.4) via the home screen notification



Re: Phone-Free mode is a huge win

Hi Maud,


Thanks for reaching out to the community, and sorry for the trouble you're experiencing. 


Can you please remove the Sleepbuds from the case, open the app, and press the option to disable phone free mode?


With the Sleepbuds connected, please enable phone free mode again(select the sound and timer), carefully place the Sleepbuds back into the case, and then remove them. 


Let us know if this process helped? 



Thank you again,



Mohsin - Community Support