Please add brushing sound

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Please add brushing sound

I am 1 week into using my new sleep buds and LOVE them. They are comfortable. They mask my husbands CPAP sounds. I thought they were a but pricey until I actually got a few nights of quality sleep, and realized I've easily spent more for sleep at hotels when travelling, so why not something to sleep at home every night.

Anyways, as someone who listens to ASMR my favorite sound is a gentle hair brushing sound. Please add this to the sound library. I would love you forever Bose, if you can make this happen.

I was excited for country road. I like the sound of cars driving by on a road in the country, but randon crickets and honks in the distance kill that one for me.

Re: Please add brushing sound

Hi Jessface,


Thanks for the post. We are happy to hear that your Sleepbuds are able to help you! We are always considering new sounds, and we will forward your suggestion to our development department for future consideration!




Tony G - Community Support