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Jun 3, 2019

Question - charging case

Does the lid of the charging case need to remain open for the Sleepbuds to charge ?


I'm thinking about using a pair all day at work (noisy office) and leave them charging overnight at work, but do not want to attract attention to the cleaning people by leave the lid open with the lights shining all night.  Also if the lid can be closed while charging I could cover up the case with papers (or something) so it can not be seen.


Thank you


Re: Question - charging case

Hi miklosh13.


Thank you for your post. We are here to help!


With regard to your question, yes, you can close the case while charging.


Hope that helps!

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Dec 8, 2020

Re: Question - charging case

seems like the case would only be necessary for really long travels or something...i have the qc35s and sometimes i forget that they need to be charged bc they last so long.