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Feb 13, 2020

Returning Bose Products

Beware of returning your Bose products to Bose. I used their shipping label provided. I printed two copies. One to insert inside shipping envelope, and one for the outside with from and to addresses. I attached sleep buds to inside label and folded to protect them. I did not know I was suppose to also include the charging case, because the instructions stated "only send primary component".

Without knowing that a key was already in the shipping envelope, I inserted the sleep buds wrapped in the return label and sent it. A month later I receive a package with the key, but no sleep buds. I called and asked when I would receive replacements. The process kept getting delayed after being passed from  Chad, Carla, April, and than Gabe. I was pretty much told that the sleep buds were never shipped. I was told to contact UPS to get the weight and also what was in the envelope, Not sure why that was asked. How would UPS know what is in the package ? I was pretty much told there was nothing they could do about it, and now I have all accessories , but no sleep buds. I was instructed to return and I would get replacements with the newer batteries. Gabe said there is no way a Bose employee would open a package , and not look for a Bose product. Absolutely no way an employee would find a key, and not look for a Bose product. I guess I will have to try to sell charging case on ebay. Very disappointed.

There is no reason I would print a label and send a key.