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Jun 21, 2019

Sleep Buds

I bought some sleep buds in November 2019. Not long after they were purchased they failed to work. Another set was sent out by Bose as a replacement for the faulty set. Again the replacement set stopped working. They were sent back to Bose and another replacement set was sent out to me. Of course this set also stopped working after a short time. Previously I had rung Bose about the problem and they had authorized the return and provided a number. This time I was so annoyed that I just typed out a return letter, took them to the post office, put them in a post bag and sent them back. I contacted Bose today and of course there is no trace of them at Bose. Basically no order/invoice number to allow tracing. So now apart from having had three sets of sleep buds which were faulty I now have the last set that is missing either at Bose or in the post. I am now even more annoyed, but in a way I am glad that I do no have to persist with a sub standard product any more!