Sleep buds causing open sores

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Sleep buds causing open sores

I started using the sleep buds a couple of months ago and the last 3 weeks my right ear has gotten very sore a now I actually have two open sores. I am using the small ear piece. I love them they help me sleep better than I have in years but the pain has become excruciating. Not sure what to do...

Re: Sleep buds causing open sores

Hey Debbetts,


Thanks for reaching out to the community. It's nice to see these are helping you get some rest.


However, sorry for the discomfort you're experiencing. The eartips are designed to rest comfortably in your ears. When you have a moment tonight, can you please try some of the tips listed here?


Let us know if that helps. 



Thanks again,



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Re: Sleep buds causing open sores

I've had this problem before with using earbuds and white noise. Perhaps it might be time to clean the sleepbuds with some disinfectant. Maybe spraying a little isopropyl alcohol onto a rag and cleaning the exterior of the buds. I'd be careful with using soap and water. Wouldn't want to damage the batteries or any of the electronic wiring. It may also help to use hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip to clean out your ears before bedtime.